Sports Andy has trained: football, soccor, basketball, cross country, wrestling, tennis, track and field, starting blocks, volleyball, baseball, softball, fencing, cheer, dance, jump rope, lacrosse, crew/rowing, hockey, figure skating, skiing, golf, speed skating (male and female).  Training pricing is for Snoqualmie Ridge, if traveling a travel fee will be included.

Personal Training for one-on-one, individualized assessment and fitness training to maximize your workout and achieve your full potential 

Group Training available for groups of two to  four people.  Share the cost and gain motivation from your workout partners

Team Training available for sports teams and athletes to improve overall conditioning and performance: $10-$15 per hour per athlete (depending on travel)

Ultimate Training: this involves 6 days per week at 75-90 min sessions incorporating speed, strength, power, agility, vertical $1900 per month

Sports Camps are offered throughout the year for all ages.  Our camps focus on Basketball, Football, Soccer, track and field and leadership

Focused Athletic Speed Sports Training